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The Oakhurst Company offers many "OLD" but "AGELESS" remedies and medicines, some originating as early as 1841, All Products Made in the USA.

“The Remedies your Families grew up with and learned to trust.”

WELCOME TO The Oakhurst Company

The Oakhurst Company was founded several decades ago by Stanley Roberts and his brother, Alfred. Over a decade ago Mr. Roberts’ daughter Robin joined the company.

Recently, his grandson Jason and granddaughter Sara joined the company as well.

We are proud to say that the Oakhurst Company is now a business that has lasted 4 generations!

The benefits of traditional medicine

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Traditional medicines are widely used in society. It is believed that about 60% of our population use alternative therapies and many people have reported great benefit from their use.

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These hard-to-find medicines are widely available, more affordable to all and most of them have single treatment regimen.

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